I'm Ben Tofan.

I’m a Creative Designer and Digital Artist based in Sydney, Australia, originally from Timisoara, Romania, where I started my career as a freelance Photographer & Designer back in 2015.

My journey here in Australia has been a wild one, from moving here in January 2020 to study and work at Hillsong right before the pandemic started in March of that year, to finishing my time at Hillsong and jumping into D&AD's first iteration of the  "Shift with Google" program in Sydney in March 2022, and in the same time trying to reassess my career pathway.

Since then I've grown a bigger portfolio, with a massive focus on Brand & Visual Identity, Campaign Work and Content Production, and I've invested time into crafting my skills as a Digital Artist. I have worked with a variety of clients, ranging from small local brands and startups, to multi-nationals, and a variety of my work has been in either executing, producing or strategising creative & design work in Social, Digital, Print and OOH.

In my free time I volunteer for D&AD as their Shift Australia Alumni Coordinator, helping mentor, develop and coach each cohort post program alongside our big Global Alumni community, and support the development of the Shift program in Australia and globally.

50% romanian
40% ukrainian
10% ashkenazi jewish
languages spoken
romanian | native (salut!)
English | Fluent (try me)
German | intermediate (entschuldigung)
Ukrainian | beginner (slava ukraini)
what am i listening to now
teresa & maria by alyona alyona
favourite food
pizza or...
a cream cheese bagel


Graphic Design
Motion Design
Video / Photo production
Visual Identity
Creative Direction

Education & Certificates

Recent Experience

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