Project Overview
Contracted by D&AD to pitch for an integrated sustainability campaign for HSBC. Within this project, I worked on a proposal for showcasing the existent sustainability work done by HSBC, and the possibilities of expanding its sustainability portfolio. My work has gone in conceptualising the visual side of the campaign and its integrated execution in print, OOH, social media and internal/external branding.
The Idea
HSBC is a credible player in the transition to net zero and we can see actionable steps being taken by the brand. But what about consumers? They may not have all the resources to create sustainable change, what they can do is to take the first step. And what is the first step? To make a commitment. Specifically, a pledge to the planet alongside HSBC.
For HSBC to go through with this campaign talking about its pledge, we developed 5 points that will cover on-boarding new customers, current customers and competition. The focus was to present HSBC as an innovator in the sustainable banking space.
1. The Billboard
It brings the campaign to an OOH environment, and it reveals itself as it eliminates CO2 from the air in its area, making the pledge visible.
2. The Recyclable Card
We've developed cards made fully out of recycled plastic, that include the pledge on the back of it, making it the first point of touch for new customers with the pledge, by signing on the back of their new card once received.
3. The Global Platform
The purpose of the online platform is to showcase all the customers signing the pledge, either banking with HSBC or not. Through this we wanted to push ourselves as an innovative brand by showing to other banks that their customers are looking forward to seeing our pledge come to life, and it would be a point of interest for those banks to collaborate with HSBC on this.
4. The Carbon Tracker
Partnering with Giki Zero, HSBC will be able to teach its customer about their carbon footprint while signing the pledge, making a point of movement for the campaign towards greater awareness of each customer's footprint.

Initial Ideas

Final Pitch

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